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"Just say what’s on your mind, Jeremy.
Just the two of us
―Christine and Jeremy to eachother

Stagedorks is the ship name of Jeremy Heere and Christine Canigula.

Jeremy's main goal throughout the musical is to win the heart of Christine. He joined theatre club to get closer to her and got a Squip to try to win her over.

While under control of a Squip, Christine says to Jeremy that she loves him. Jeremy believes this is the Squip controlling her, but he is not fully right, as she does love him.

Jeremy's attempts at asking out Christine[]

Jeremy wrote a note to Christine confessing his love, which he mentioned to Michael in More Than Survive, but he tore it up and flushed it.

He then asks her out at Jake's Halloween Party after she and Jake break up, but Christine rejects him, saying she's not ready for a relationship.

Lastly, Jeremy asks her out after The Play. This time, she says yes.