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This musical is about a teenager named Jeremy. He struggles with being social. When one of his classmates give him a pill that is said to help transform him, he becomes a new person with a new helper at his side; his Squip. The Squip is said to "help" Jeremy get the girl of his dreams (Christine) and become the cool guy at school. It may seem like it at first, but soon he starts losing himself and his friend Michael. -Anonymous


Be More Chill Trailer

Wonderful comments

"I feel the fanfics kickin in!" -MariahIsNotHeartHeathy

"its about a twunk who vores a computer and everything goes to shit" -jussy hussy

" "Brooke is going to offer you a BEEP" "w h a t t h e f u c k" " -Squippo

" "IT'S FROM JAPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!" "...Nah, don't want a weaboo drug-" " -Addie

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